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DIY Gentle Foot Scrub

Autumn is here, and while I absolutely love this time of year, my feet definitely do not.  Colder weather means swapping out flip-flops for confining sneakers and boots.  If you are prone to sweaty feet, fall and winter can get stinky really quickly; on the other hand, if you have dry skin, your feet may crack and chap in the colder weather.  Or if you’re really unlucky (like me), your feet may chap and smell up your shoes.  It’s a no-win situation all around.

Thankfully, I’ve come up with a solution: a foot scrub that is strong enough to cleanse and deodorize sweaty feet while being gentle enough to not aggravate cracked, dry heels.  Even better, it’s super easy to make.  So let’s get started!

DIY foot scrub that cleanses and deodorizes @ A Little Something Sublime

Materials Needed

ingredients for a gentle foot scrub @ A Little Something Sublime

The baking soda is the key ingredient for the gentle cleansing and deodorizing properties of this scrub.  It offsets the coarseness of the sugar and freshens the skin, getting rid of odors without harsh scrubbing.  The coconut oil moisturizes the skin, and the lavender oil gives it a gentle and relaxing fragrance.  I used red gel food coloring in mine to give it a pretty pink color (and it was all I had on hand,) but I wouldn’t recommend it.  The gel is too strong and tinted my tub pink, so use a drop or two of liquid food coloring or a cosmetic colorant.


Step 1: Measure out sugar and baking soda

DIY gentle foot scrub @ A Little Something Sublime

Measure out your sugar and baking soda, and thoroughly mix them together.  Be sure to get rid of any lumps.

Step 2: Add coconut oil

DIY gentle foot scrub @ A Little Something Subime

Measure out your coconut oil and place it in a heat-safe container.  Microwave it in 15 second intervals until it is completely melted.  Pour it into the sugar/baking soda mixture and stir until it is fully incorporated.  It should be rather dry, like wet sand.

Step 3: Add essential oil and food coloring

Add the essential oil and colorant (if using) to the mixture and stir until the scent and color is consistent.  I unfortunately forgot to snap a picture of this step, but it is thankfully rather self-explanatory.

And that’s it!  You now have a great-smelling, gentle foot scrub!

DIY gentle foot scrub @ A Little Something Sublime

When you are ready to use it, wet your feet, rub the scrub along your feet, and rinse!  If you do this in the bathtub, be careful when you stand up because the coconut oil can make the tub a little slick!

If you enjoyed this recipe, please let me know in the comments below!

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