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3 Weird Places to Find Coupons

With enough commitment and planning, coupons can save you a ton of money, but I will be the first to admit that I don’t have the patience for extreme couponing.  It’s honestly a little intimidating, but while I’m not the most dedicated couponer, I’ve still found a few places to rack up savings that others often overlook.

3 Wierd Places to Find Coupons (that you probably haven't thought of) @ A Little Something Sublime

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1. The deli counter

Did you know that most supermarket delis leave pads of coupons sitting on the counter for customers?  Sometimes for as much as $1 off a pound of lunch meat or cheese?  And since they are manufacturer coupons, they still work if the item in question is on sale.  Last week, I got a pound of hard salami for $2 by combining a store sale with a manufacturer coupon on the counter.  If you are a fellow fan of sandwiches, you can rack up some serious savings this way!

2. Your doctors’ office

Many doctors’ offices are sent samples and promotional packets to give out to their patients.  Check around the waiting room next time and see if your office has any set out.  My daughter’s pediatrician always leaves out packets with a promotional issue of Parenting magazine and a slew of coupons and offers inside.  They also gave me coupons for Mini’s (specialty and very expensive) formula during visits and tiny bottles of lotion and shampoo.  If your doctor isn’t in the habit of doing so, it never hurts to ask if they have coupons or samples for expensive health-related products.

3. Swagbucks Coupons

I can never believe how many people have a Swagbucks account and don’t know that they offer printable coupons.  Said coupons are from Coupons.com, but when you get them through Swagbucks, you also earn 10 swagbucks (roughly 10 cents) for every coupon you redeem at the register.  So you get the instant savings at the register along with a little extra towards a gift card later on.  Sounds like a deal to me!

I hope you enjoyed this post!  Feel free to leave your feedback (and let me know of any unusual places you’ve found coupons) in the comments below!

3 Wierd Places to Get Coupons (that you probably haven't thought of!) @ A Little Something Sublime

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