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Mini Letter Pendant Tutorial

I am a complete sucker for any kind of paper jewelry. Maybe because I am a sucker for paper in general? But really, if someone has the willpower to not want to wear tiny little letters around their neck, it is definitely not me. No willpower here. Zilch. Nada.

If you were wondering: yes, that is a tiny little envelope, and yes, it does have an equally tiny written note inside it. And yes, I really will wear it. I might even have trouble making myself take it off.

These miniature envelope necklaces are super easy to make and they are quite possibly the most adorable thing ever. Plus, they work like a normal envelope, so you can put things inside them. Mini love letters, sentimental messages, secrets. The possibilities are pretty endless.

Let’s get started!

Mini Letter Pendant Tutorial @ A Little Something Sublime

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Materials Needed


1. Print the template and cut out your envelope.

Print out the envelope template on a piece of card stock.  Use your scissors or craft knife to cut it out.

Place the template on the back of your preferred paper and trace its outline with a pen or pencil.  Use the outline to cut out your envelope shape.

2. Fold and glue all of your envelope flaps except the top.

Fold in the side flaps.  You can use your ball tool to make shallow fold lines so the flaps fold more easily, but it is not necessary.  Use your ball tool again to apply a small amount of glue to the inside edges of the bottom flap.  Fold up the bottom flap and make sure the glue has good contact with the side flaps.  Don’t worry about the top flap just yet.

3. Make your mini letter.

Now cut out a piece of paper for your note.  You can use one of the cutting templates included with the printable or just cut the paper to 1.5″ width.

Carefully craft your letter. Obviously you can do this however you would like; however, if you have trouble writing small, a short note might be best.

Fold your note (if needed) to fit inside your envelope and carefully slide it in like you would with a larger envelope.

4. Seal your envelope.

Use your ball tool to make a line of glue around the inside (the white side) edges of the top flap and fold it down. Make sure you don’t put the glue too far in or it will stick to the letter and you won’t be able to open the envelope later.

You can now spray clear sealant or brush some Mod Podge over it to seal the envelope and make it more durable. I am not doing this with mine because I want to be able to read my note later.

5. Attach a jump ring.

Use a tack, nail, or anything else with a sharp tip to poke a hole in the envelope near the top corner(s). You can do this in one corner if you want the envelope to hang down at an angle, or you can do it in both top corners if you want the envelope to lay straight.

Use your pliers to open your jump ring(s) and feed the ring through the hole(s) you made. Use the pliers to close them.

6. Mount your pendant and enjoy!

Your pendant is now finished! Feed a chain or some other type of string through the jump ring(s) and enjoy.


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Mini Letter Pendant Tutorial with Free Printable @ A Little Something Sublime

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