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Free Printable Wallet Shopping List

Do you hate carrying around a purse?  I certainly do.  Purses are nice for always having a little of everything on hand, but they are a pain in the behind to manage sometimes.  I went several years using only my clutch wallet at every available opportunity.  Then I went several years after that just using a phone case wallet that I could slip into my pocket.

But shopping lists, guys.  Shopping lists are so hard to keep track of.  I tend to like using those shopping list notepads, but they don’t fit nicely in my wallet.  Also, it is really easy to lose them among the detritus of shopping receipts.  I wanted something small enough to fit nicely into one of the card pockets of my wallet, so I sat down one afternoon and put together this free printable list template.

Free Printable Wallet-Sized Shopping List @ A Little Something Sublime

And I love it!  These little lists fit perfectly in my wallet and are just the right size for a normal shopping trip.  I can also fill out one for each store and slip them into wallet for my bigger shopping trips without the usual hassle of wrangling multiple lists.  It’s really convenient and I hardly ever forget my list(s) now.

Be sure to download the free PDF file here.

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Free Printable Wallet-Sized Shopping List @ A Little Something Sublime

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