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10 Apps that Make Earning Rewards Easy

I am a sucker for free money (or gift cards,) but the idea of filling out 20-60 minute surveys for what amounts to spare change is agonizingly boring. My time is valuable, and I don’t have enough of it as it is. That’s why my favorite reward apps are the ones that I can mostly set and forget, or that are easy to use.

These apps aren’t going to give you huge payouts right away, but they do give you a reward here and there for very little effort.

Here are ten of my favorite rewards apps!

10 apps that make it easy to earn rewards

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1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of my favorite rewards apps. There are just so many ways to earn points with them! In fact, I’m working on a blog post detailing all the different ways to passively use Swagbucks for rewards. However, the easiest of all of these is their web search feature. Just set Swagbucks as your homepage on your browser of choice and earn rewards for your web searches!

You get a random amount of points given to you every few web searches. I use search engines quite a bit throughout the day, so it doesn’t take me very long to rack up points with this method and it’s supper convenient go get rewarded for doing things I’d have to do anyway!

2. Slidejoy

Slidejoy is an awesome little app that puts ads on your phone’s lockscreen. You then get awarded points just for seeing those ads, even if you don’t click them. They also give you daily bonuses just for opening the app once a day. Plus, if you use my referral link to download the app, you get 1,250 points to start you off right! Once you have enough points, you can redeem them for gift cards to all the usual places like Amazon, Walmart, Paypal, etc.

3. Achievement

Achievement is an awesome way to get paid and stay healthy. The app links to your fitness devices and/or your fitness app on your phone and rewards you for things like walking and recording your food and water intake. I have my app hooked up to my S Health app, so even if I don’t manually record anything else, I still get points for any walking around recorded with my phone’s pedometer. If you have a Fitbit or Garmin device that automatically records things like sleep, you’ll get even more points passively. Every 10,000 points earned in the app yields a reward of $10.

It will take a few months to earn a reward on this app, but since the work involved is seriously miniscule, I still enjoy my occasional extra $10.

4. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is another app that pays you to exercise. It gives you points for your GPS-verifiable steps (meaning steps taken outside.) This one isn’t the easiest to earn money or gift cards on since they only offer $50 cards, but they have rotating offers that don’t cost many points. I’ve gotten some free subscriptions and other cool deals from them, but now I just save up my points for a gift card. It is probably my least favorite app on the list, but since I walk around quite a bit for my job, it is nice to know that my efforts are being double rewarded.

5. Fitplay

Fitplay is an awesome app that let’s you earn points for downloading and playing games on your phone. Fitplay offers you 2-3 possible apps to download, and then you get points for using the app. I love to play games on my phone when I’m waiting in the doctor’s office or just trying to unwind a bit during my break at work. The best part is that Fitplay usually offers pretty popular games, so I always check there first before downloading anything from the Play store.

6. Ibotta

Like Swagbucks, Ibotta is a pretty well-known app, but it bears mentioning. Ibotta gives you discounts on certain products if you buy them from a participating retailer. You upload a photo of your receipt afterward to earn your reward. Once you hit $20, you can cash out for a gift card or PayPal payment. A lot of the offers are for brand name items, which I typically don’t buy; however, they also offer a number of “any brand” discounts that give you a small amount off a product regardless of what brand it is. I usually mine these offers to buy the generic version I typically buy anyway.

Most of the offers are for groceries, but they also have discounts for things like body wash, shampoo, and other care products. You can also get discounts on diapers, formula, and baby food. Considering Mini S (when she was even more mini) broke out with a terrible rash if we used anything but Pampers Swaddlers on her, this saved us a lot of money over time.

7. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is similar to Ibotta, but its offers typically aren’t retailer specific. You can redeem them at any store (except for a few offers that list some exclusions) and you upload a receipt after. I don’t use it as much as Ibotta, but it still has some great deals from time to time.

8. ReceiptPal

ReceiptPal works by giving you points for taking pictures of your receipts. You then use the points to buy gift cards. You won’t make a ton of money with it, but the occasional $5 gift card is nice. Since you can upload receipts from any retailer and they don’t expire until the end of the month, I usually just let them rack up until I do my budgeting and organizing, and scan them all at once.

9. Mobile Performance Meter

Oh, man. I love this app. It gives you ten cents a day just for keeping it on your phone. It essentially tracks your phone usage and gives you points (again, equivalent to ten cents) every day you let it run. You also get a monthly survey that only takes a few minutes to complete for extra points. Basically, this is an easy $5 or so per month.

10. SavingStar

SavingStar is another app that gives you cash back for purchasing certain food items. This one is much more passive though, since you link your rewards cards to various retailers and they automatically get your purchase info. No need to scan receipts for this app! Also, it let’s you cash out after earning only $5, so it doesn’t take as long to get your reward as some of the apps.

Well, that’s it! My 10 favorite rewards apps! Like I said, you aren’t going to earn a regular income from most of these, but they give you a few extra dollars here and there for very little effort, so I don’t mind!

10 rewards apps that are easy to use

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