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Free Printable Wallet Shopping List

Do you hate carrying around a purse?  I certainly do.  Purses are nice for always having a little of everything on hand, but they are a pain in the behind to manage sometimes.  I went several years using only my clutch wallet at every available opportunity.  Then I went several years after that just using a phone case wallet that I could slip into my pocket.

But shopping lists, guys.  Shopping lists are so hard to keep track of.  I tend to like using those shopping list notepads, but they don’t fit nicely in my wallet.  Also, it is really easy to lose them among the detritus of shopping receipts.  I wanted something small enough to fit nicely into one of the card pockets of my wallet, so I sat down one afternoon and put together this free printable list template.

Free Printable Wallet-Sized Shopping List @ A Little Something Sublime

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Mini Letter Pendant Tutorial

I am a complete sucker for any kind of paper jewelry. Maybe because I am a sucker for paper in general? But really, if someone has the willpower to not want to wear tiny little letters around their neck, it is definitely not me. No willpower here. Zilch. Nada.

If you were wondering: yes, that is a tiny little envelope, and yes, it does have an equally tiny written note inside it. And yes, I really will wear it. I might even have trouble making myself take it off.

These miniature envelope necklaces are super easy to make and they are quite possibly the most adorable thing ever. Plus, they work like a normal envelope, so you can put things inside them. Mini love letters, sentimental messages, secrets. The possibilities are pretty endless.

Let’s get started!

Mini Letter Pendant Tutorial @ A Little Something Sublime

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Weekly Meal Planner Printable

Meal planning is necessary if you want to maximize your grocery savings.  Successful meal planning uses many of the same ingredients in dishes throughout the week so that any perishables don’t go to waste.  You’re also less likely to pick up the phone for take-out if you already have an idea of what to make for dinner.  Having a template makes the process much easier, so I made this cute printable meal planner.  This is what I use every week for my family and it definitely helps!

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5 Free Pumpkin Carving Templates

Halloween is almost here!  Fall is my favorite time of year, and I’ve always loved Halloween.  The candy, the costumes, the horror movie marathons… what’s not to love about October?

Now that it’s nearing the middle of the month, Mr. Sublime and I are furiously prepping for Mini Sublime’s second Halloween.  Just shy of six-months-old, she wasn’t aware of much last year, but now that she’s a year and a half, I’m sure she is going to be much more involved this year.

The activity I’m most excited about is a surprising one: pumpkin carving.  I hardly ever got to carve pumpkins as a kid.  My parents were strictly uninvolved in all things Halloween-related, so all relevant activities were delegated to my middle sister who was such a perfectionist that she usually confiscated my pumpkin and finished it herself if my carving skills weren’t up to her standards. So, I don’t have many memories of this rather typical childhood event, but I’m excited to start making some with my own little family.

I have a feeling Mini Sublime is going to be more interested in swishing around the pumpkin innards than anything else, but that’s okay!  It is great sensory play for her and will keep her occupied while Mom and Dad work with the sharp objects.

So, in preparation of our evening of messy fun, I designed a few templates for our pumpkins that I thought I’d share with all of you!  Just click the images to view them full-size, right-click, and select “save image as” to save them to your computer for your printing pleasure.

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