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Mini Yogurt Cheesecake Pies

Every once in a while, I get a craving for something sweet, delicious, and full of dairy.  Sometimes said craving just cannot be sated with any of the usual confections, so I have to get a bit creative and make something up.  These mini yogurt cheesecake pies are a perfect example of my raging taste buds at work.

I wanted pie, but with a smooth filling, and I wanted it bite-sized.

See?  I told you my cravings get demanding.

I played around in the kitchen for a bit until I came up with the perfect little dessert.  Trust me, they may look messy, but they are delicious.  Mr. Sublime, who doesn’t even like yogurt, almost ate the entire plate of them before I snatched away the last few for my greedy self.  Even better, they are super easy to make!

Mini Yogurt Cheesecake Pies @ A Little Something Sublime

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Hot Cajun Fries Recipe

I love hot sauce. Yum, yum, yum. And Cajun seasoning.  And fries. I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this…

Hot Cajun Fries are amazeballs.  Spicy, salty, and starchy; they have all three S words.  I can eat a whole plate of them all by myself!  If you think I’m joking, I’ll have you know that it’s four am and I have no intention of sharing these with anyone.

Most people skulk about the kitchen at four am sneaking chocolate or ice cream, but not me–I’m wincing every time the fryer hisses hoping Mr. Sublime doesn’t wake up to see me gorging on french fries without him.  Admittedly, he doesn’t have much interest in them once they’re tossed in hot sauce.  But I digress.  He clearly doesn’t know what is good for him.

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